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The Junkhouse Gamers are a set of players who generate their reviews and content for us to give to you here at Junkhouse. Playing all types of games, and sticking to some of the classics, these guys nerd it up for the love of the game.

"I'm Dr.EllisDTrails and my loyalty to the First and Third-person shooter genres are unwavering. However there will always be a soft, squishy place in my heart for Real-Time Strategy games. One of the greatest games ever has to be X-COM: UFO Defense. I'm currently playing the FTP DUST on PS3 almost exclusively."

"I'm Kade, and I usually play RPGs, First-Person and Third-Person shooters. Sometimes I'll jump on some Madden. I'm currently playing Dota 2 on PC."

"I'm the BLOB, and my favourite video game genres are Real-Time Strategy games and First-Person shooters. I'm currently playing Navy Field 2 on PC. Most of all though..I love table-top games like The Ninth Age, Robotech RPG Tactics, and Johnny Reb 3."

Subject: Zeta9966 / Bio: Prefers PCs over consoles. Likes RPGs and Turn-Based Strategy games.

"I'm zcaust83 and I mostly play RPGs and Real-Time Strategy games on the PC. I'm currently playing The Ninth Age, Robotech RPG Tactics, and the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War series on PC."

"I'm the Slaughternator and my favourite genre is Third-Person shooters. Of course, I wouldn't be the Slaughternator if I didn't play RPGs from time to time. I am currently playing Diablo 3 Online on PS3."


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