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"I'm Dr.EllisDTrails and my loyalty to the First and Third-person shooter genres are unwavering. However there will always be a soft, squishy place in my heart for Real-Time Strategy games. One of the greatest games ever has to be X-COM: UFO Defense. Iím currently playing the FTP DUST on PS3."

"I'm Kade, and I usually play RPGs, First-Person and Third-Person shooters. Sometimes Iíll jump on some Madden. I'm currently playing Dota 2 on PC."

"I'm the BLOB, and my favorite videogame generes are Real-Time Stratgey games and First-Person shooters. I'm currently playing Navy Field 2 on PC. Most of all though..I love table-top games like Warhammer Fantasy and Johnny Reb 3."

Subject: Zeta9966 / Bio: Prefers PCs over consoles. Likes RPGs and Turn-Based Strategy games.

"I'm zcaust83 and I mostly play RPGs and Real-Time Strategy games on the PC. I'm currently playing Elite Sniper 2 on XBox."

"I'm the Slaughternator and my favorite genre is Third-Person shooters. Of course, I wouldn't be the Slaughternator if I didn't play RPGs from time to time. I am currently playing Diablo 3 Online on PS3."


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