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Junkhouse Entertainment is a nation-wide and coast to coast print publishing company that promotes artists of all kinds, provides a launch pad for their ideas, and brings a package of market knowledge and resource infrastructure to the table that helps convert those ideas into tangible realities.

Formed in 2008 with the intention of protecting the rights and properties of our fellow musicians, we have evolved into a full-service Publishing Corporation. We currently provide publishing services to several authors from the Northern Virginia area and almost 50 artists of all sorts, from photographers and novelists, to musical acts.


Do you have a book or game idea? We work with artists across the spectrum, from those wanting to sell their works in the open market place for profit, to those that would simply like an online image gallery to develop and display to the public for free.


Behind the scenes of all of this, we also design and publish Historical and Family Fun (beer & pretzels) table top games. Panzerknacker Games, the gaming division of Junkhouse Entertainment LLC specializes in 6mm, 15mm & 20mm miniature wargaming. Look for it in the store!


What's New at Junkhouse Entertainment?

Project "90%" has begun! We are donating 90% of our profits to Prince William Medical Center in order to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Due to supply chain constriction nation-wide, our print products may take longer to ship.

The 3rd Edition of In Country: Grand Tactical Combat in the Vietnam War has been completed!

Junkhouse Entertainment is officially sponsored by GHQ Miniatures!

Dogfight Over the Trenches_cover final.p

Junkhouse Entertainment proudly donates reading material to the Prince William County Library System of Virginia.

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