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41 painted 15mm Peter Pig Models/Kazumasa Samurai Clan (1600AD)

41 painted 15mm Peter Pig Models/Kazumasa Samurai Clan (1600AD)


This set has 41 Peter Pig Samurai Cavalry & Infantry models, painted and based on 15mm stands. It is organized on a clan that fought at Sekigahara for Tokugawa Ieyasu. Its banners are accurate.


Army includes:

Cavalry:  1 Kensai Mounted Leader; 8 Eiyuu Mounted Samurai.


Infantry: 2 Bushi Leaders; 3 Eiyuu Samurai Retainers; 3 Eiyuu Samurai Bodyguards; 12 Ashigaru Arquebusiers; 8 Ashigaru Spearmen; 4 Ashigaru Archers


This set is mounted on terrained metal stands on a non-metallic magnetic base, and they will be shipped in a plastic case to ensure safe shipping. These figures were used in several wargames and are in excellent  shape. They are easily adaptable to most skirmish level rules.


Seller will offer a 10% discount for both Samurai Armies listed together if purchased at the same time. Buyer must contact Store via email before applying for discount.


Items will ship within 48 hours of payment confirmation.





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