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Captain Marvel #5 (1968)

Captain Marvel #5 (1968)


This is a copy of Captain Marvel #5 printed by Marvel Comics in 1968.


Cover pencils by Don Heck. The Mark of the Metazoid," script by Arnold Drake, pencils by Don Heck, inks by John Tartaglione; Aboard the Kree vessel over the Earth, Mar-Vell is put on trial by Yon-Rogg for being "Un-Kree" by allowing the Sub-Mariner to win a battle and prevent the people of Earth from being infected with bacteria (as seen last issue); However, after much consideration, Ronan decides to judge Mar-Vell based on his future actions in being able to carry out his mission; He orders Mar-Vell to kill Mr. Logan the one man who may hint at Mar-Vell's identity; Mar-Vell gets out of killing Logan by suggesting that killing Logan would attract unwanted attention and erasing his memory would be better; Ronan agrees and allows Mar-Vell to see things his own way; Back on Earth, Communist agents are plotting to capture Walter Lawson by sending their latest super-powered agent the Metazoid--a being mutated to have the metabolism of 50 men--to capture Lawson. Meanwhile, Mar-Vell returns to Earth and assumes his identity as Lawson. Letter to the editor from comics historian Peter Sanderson. 36 pgs.

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