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Creatures on the Loose #35 (1975)

Creatures on the Loose #35 (1975)


Thi is a copy of Creatures on the Loose #35 printed by Mervel Comics in 1975.


Written by David Kraft. Art by George Perez and Frank McLaughlin. Cover by Gil Kane, Tom Palmer, and George Roussos. New story: Wolfquest; The FBI questions J. Jonah Jameson on the disappearance of his son; Kristine Saunders is tricked by Harrisyn Turk into believing that he is her substitute art teacher; Hate-Monger and Red Hate capture Man-Wolf and seek to retake the Orbiting Space Station; Man Wolf escapes during SHIELD's assault on the Project, kills Red Hate and attacks the Hate-Monger. Letters to the editor from comic writer Ralph Macchio and Dean Mullaney (Eclipse Comics). 36 pages

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