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Fantastic Four #96 (1970)

Fantastic Four #96 (1970)


This is a copy of Fantastic Four #96 printed by Marvel Comics in 1970.


Script by Stan Lee. Pencils by Jack Kirby. Inks by Frank Giacoia. Cover by Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, and Marie Severin (backgrounds). A quiet afternoon at the Baxter Building is interrupted by a surprise attack against Ben Grimm…by the Human Torch! Oh my, why has Johnny Storm ambushed his long-time friend? But hold on, is that really the FF's youngest member or a well-constructed android look-a-like?


Using his trademark exact calculations, the Mad Thinker sends his replica androids to capture the Fantastic Four! And with textbook precision the thinker's sinister plan rolls towards completion! However, the FF's familiar foe may have once again miscalculated the human element! Giving Mister Fantastic an opportunity to outthink the thinker! (Note: The Mad Thinker returns in Fantastic Four 100.) 32 pages

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