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Incredible Hulk #113 (1969)

Incredible Hulk #113 (1969)


This is a copy of Incredible Hulk #113 published by Marvel in 1969. Cover pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Dan Adkins. Script by Stan Lee, pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Dan Adkins;


"Where Fall the Shifting Sands?," Bruce Banner, dying on a decompressed rocket ship hurling back to earth, succeeds in turning back to the Hulk and surviving the experience; Once he makes it back to earth, he is accosted by Sandman who easily dupes the Hulk into believeing he is his only friend in the world; On his new buddy's instructions, Hulk attacks Ross's missile base as the Sandman uses the diversion to try and steal some military hardware.


Finally figuring out that he has been hornswaggled once again, Hulk beats up Sandman but then leaps away before Ross and Betty can tell him they may think he is not that bad a guy after all.

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