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Judge Dredd Collection (1983-84) Three books Graded by CBCS

Judge Dredd Collection (1983-84) Three books Graded by CBCS


This is a collection of three (3) books; Judge Dredd, published by Eagle/Quality Comics in 1983 and 1984. Issues 1, 2 and 3.


Issue #1 Graded a 9.4 by CBCS: Script by John Wagner, Art by Brian Bolland. In a world ravaged by Atomic War, one man will bring law to the lawless. He is judge, jury, and executioner. His name: Judge Dredd! Welcome to Mega-City One, population 800,000,000, a metropolis that sprawls the entire length of the eastern seaboard of the US. Finding it impossible to deal with crime in the old-fashioned ways of the 21st century, a tribunal founds the Academy of Law, a place where children are raised to become the ultimate in law enforcement. The greatest of these is Judge Dredd, a man for whom the law is absolute.


Issue #2 Graded a 9.8 by CBCS: Cover art by Brian Bolland. This issue chronicles Judge Dredd's first period of office as Judge-Marshal on the Luna-One moon colony, Luna-City. "The Oxygen Board," script by John Wagner, art by Brian Bolland; A gang puts trank gas in the oxygen supply of Luna City.


Issue#3 Graded a 9.8 by CBCS:  Judges Death and Anderson return, and Death's siblings (Fear, Fire, Mortis) are introduced in "Judge Death Lives." Written by John Wagner, with art by Brian Bolland.


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Note: Issue #3 has been mislabeled by CBCS as #2 as well. Grading and Identification number are correct and hve been verified in the CBCS database.

  • Grading Specs

    This is a graded comic book collection that has been appraised by Comic Book Certification Services. Each book comes wrapped in soft plastic poly-bag from CBCS.

    Book Label Numbers (for Grading Notes):

    Bok #1 19-248-662-001, Book #2 21-15E1751-009, Book #3 21-15E1751-009

    The CBCS label lists all the information about the book such as title, issue number, publisher, artist information, key comments and more. The label also includes very specific information about the particular copy that was submitted, including the assigned numerical grade as well as pedigree, variant, signatures, tape, missing pages, restoration, and any other pertinent information.

    These books are sealed into archival safe inner holders along with the CBCS label. Books come in CBCS’s, tamper evident outer case.

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