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Never Again #1 (1955) Graded a 3.0 by CBCS

Never Again #1 (1955) Graded a 3.0 by CBCS


This is a copy of Never Again #1, published by Charlton Comics in 1955.  Cover by Ross Andru. Stories and art by Ross Andru, Don Heck, and Bob Forgione.


The Unknown Soldier (not the later DC character) narrates tales of armed conflict throughout history. As the Indian Wars draw to a close with the Battle of Little Big Horn, Chief Joseph leads the Nez Perce tribe on a grueling march to sanctuary in Canada. English longbowmen take on French crossbow troops during the Battle of Crecy in the Hundred Years' War. Mine-sweepers during the Korean War employ a mine-sniffing dog named Snafu. This Is the Unknown Soldier!; The Beginning of the End; Battle of the Bows!; Fire Mission; No More Noise from Snafu.


This extremely rare book is paired with a #8 in the series, but no others. There is a story that Charlton bought the already printed books from a printer, and resold them. Perhaps not the first anti -war comic, but certianly one of the earliest. A must for any serious coletor, of war memorabilia or comics!

  • Grading Specs

    This is a graded comic book that has been appraised by Comic Book Certification Services. Comes wrapped in soft plastic poly-bag from CBCS.

    Book Label Number (for Grading Notes): 22-04D9363-010

    The CBCS label lists all the information about the book such as title, issue number, publisher, artist information, key comments and more. The label also includes very specific information about the particular copy that was submitted, including the assigned numerical grade as well as pedigree, variant, signatures, tape, missing pages, restoration, and any other pertinent information.

    The book is sealed into archival safe inner holder along with the CBCS label. Book comes in CBCS’s, tamper evident outer case.

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