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Phantom Stranger #30 (1974)

Phantom Stranger #30 (1974)


This is a copy of Phantom Stranger #30 published by DC Comics in 1974. Cover art by Luis Dominguez. Two Stories.


"The Children's Crusade!", script by Arnold Drake, art by Gerry Talaoc; Children of a town have been coerced into joining a cult led by Ara Ben-Baal, a charismatic young man who worships the demon Baal.


When all the children in town suddenly leave home to live with Ara, the people of the town hold a meeting to try and figure out what to do when they unsuccessfully try to stop Ara Ben-Baal; The Phantom Stranger appears and offers his aid in saving the children from Ara Ben-Baal's influence.


"Turn-About!", script by Steve Skeates, art by Bernard Baily; With the Spawn of Frankenstein trapped in the snake pit, the snake cults latest intended victim manages to escape and alert the police; When they arrive, the cult decides to flee and avoid capture; When the Spawn of Frankenstein escapes the snake pit, the police believe him to be responsible.

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