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Shazam #3 (1973)

Shazam #3 (1973)


This is a copy of Shazam #3 printed my DC Comics in 1973.


Cover by C. C. Beck. A Switch in Time, script by Denny O'Neil, art by C. C. Beck; Shagg Nasté wants Sterling Morris to give him a show on his station; When he doesn't get the show he threatens Morris and turns Freddy Freeman to stone before he is stopped by Shazam. The Wizard of Phonograph Hill, script by Elliot S! Maggin, art by C. C. Beck; When Dr. Kilowatt announces his new invention, he and Billy are captured by different sets of foreign spies. Reprint back-up: the Marvel Family in "The Witches' Tale!" from Marvel Family 4 in 1946, script by Otto Binder, art by Pete Costanza. 36 pgs.

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