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Strange Tales #143 (1966)

Strange Tales #143 (1966)


This is a copy of Strange Tales #143 published by Marvel in 1966. Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Mike Esposito. Script by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (co-plot), pencils by Jack Kirby (layouts) and Howard Purcell, inks by Mike Esposito (as M. Demeo).


Nick Fury stars in "To Free a Brain Slave," SHIELD HQ is taken over by Mentallo & The Fixer who hold Fury prisoner; Tony Stark takes command of the combat unit, preparing his Neutralizer while the ESP Division is unable to pick up Fury's thoughts; Meanwhile the villains attach a miniature H-Bomb to Fury's wrists and remove the mind-control mask; Fury is able to send a signal to the ESP team allowing SHIELD to retaliate and Stark's Neutralizer dissolves the H-Bomb.


"With None Beside Me!", script by Steve Ditko (plot) and Roy Thomas (dialogue), art by Steve Ditko.

Strange hides his bound body in a rooftop water tank, as The Demon & his men search for him; At their HQ, Strange retrieves his Cloak Of Levitation, and uses it to capture one of Mordo's men; But his body has been found by the witch; The complex cat-and-mouse game continues until Strange finally regains control of his body and Amulet, and he hypnotizes Mordo's minions into forgetting all they know of black magic.

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